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Exist : Hosting - Angel Digital Media

Exist : Hosting

Exist: Hosting

Starting spring 2013 we offer a variety of Angel Shared Hosting Plans to fit any need. No matter whether you’re starting a Blog with WordPress, installing a CMS solution with Drupal, opening a Forum with PHPBB, starting an Online Store with osCommerce, or any number ventures beyond those mentioned above, our Expert Web Hosting plans are exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Today, every business regardless of its size needs a web presence. A professional, informative 24/7 website is essential to attracting potential customers. ADM can cost-effectively host your company’s website and provide easy-to-use tools to help you build your web presence and market your business.

Hosting Services Features:

  • Unlimited domains and subdomains
  • Unlimited and free-of-charge FTP access
  • Support of HTML, scripting languages and MySQL databases
  • Periodic backup service
  • Own data center
  • No hidden extras or costs
  • Extensive access statistics
  • Personal support

No matter if you are just starting to create a website or ready to enhance your existing website’s capabilities, our hosting team can deliver the right solution customized for your business needs. We will help you choose the plan that fits your business strategy. Choosing our hosting services doing online business and managing your company’s website will become very easy.



Yes, I Want A Consultation:

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    Hosting Plans
    • Data Storage
    • MySQL Databases
    • Daily Backup
    • Hosted Domains
    • Online Support
    • Dedicated IP
    $30 / month
    • Data Storage

    • MySQL Databases

      4 Databases
    • Daily Backup

    • Hosted Domains

      2 Domains
    • Online Support

    • Dedicated IP

    $50 / month
    • Data Storage

    • MySQL Databases

      6 Databases
    • Daily Backup

    • Hosted Domains

      3 Domains
    • Online Support

    • Dedicated IP

    $70 / month
    • Data Storage

    • MySQL Databases

      10 Databases
    • Daily Backup

    • Hosted Domains

      5 Domains
    • Online Support

    • Dedicated IP





    Your partner for the future, the infrastructure, reliability and business development is here. Day in and day out you can count on our team to deliver at the highest levels at the best performance and with the sharp focus on getting your site available for all your potential customers and existing customers in the same time.

    • High Performance
    Our technical solutions blended with optimization for well known Open Source platforms make our hosting deliver blazing speeds.
    • Traffic Booster
    Having a reliable infrastructure to support your business is like boosting your traffic and so your customer base.
    • Reliable Hardware

    We don’t have cheap and unreliable connections, hardware equipment – we have just the best, the most reliable and stable hardware.

    Simple 3 tier pricing , adapted for the best solutions with the best bundled details.


    • Reliable Hardware All components that are used are 100% tested and certified before being part of our network.
    • Search Engine Optimization A reliable hosting brings you the boost you need when you use SEO to gain additional customers at ease.
    • Free 30 Days Trial Just contact us and we can setup a demo account for you at once. No questions asked, no obligations.
    • 24/ 7 Customer Care Whenever you contact us you will find someone happy to help you out. Be a customer today!
    • 99.99% Up Time Guarantee We know that everybody claims it but we guarantee it by returning your full month payment if we go under the guarantee.
    • Monthly Data Back Up Free and included monthly full backup on external server for peace of mind. If you need weekly or daily backups just ask.


    We have bread and butter for your business but we deliver delicate pastry and sweet …. sweet candies to make it easier for you to gain your new customers.

    • Shared Hosting
    Our accounts are shared but none of the servers used go over 5% CPU & Memory usage.
    • Dedicated Server
    In case you need such, just ask we can hook you up with whatever you need, even a full cluster!
    • Website Development
    As we are part of Angel Hot Soft team (www.angelhs.com) we offer the best deals in website development.
    • VPS Hosting
    We are often asked and we deliver many types of solutions specially tailored on VPS with LAMP. Ask one of our consultants for a custom quote.
    • Reseller Hosting
    We offer a flat 20% commission for all our affiliates and they can take care of gaining new customers in a white label environment, we will take care of the infrastructure and support.
    • Mobile Application
    Many of our customers use our solutions with SSL , dedicated IP’s for special Mobile Application Web Services hosting. Be one of them too.


    In case you are wondering we have more than these reasons so we had to select a few to explain why we’re the best at what we do.

    • Reliable Hardware
      Dell PowerEdge servers are made for high-end processing and robust productivity. That means your database or virtual environment runs on a platform built on enterprise-grade hardware. Now, combine that with the reliable hosting and exceptional service from Bruno Host and you have the perfect match of power and reliability.
    • 24/7 Customer Care
      Even with all of our innovative features, what you care about most is reliability. If your site is unavailable, your visitors can’t purchase from you, can’t find your contact information and won’t be able to read your blog. We understand!
    • Free Domains Included
    Sign up for any of our hosting packages and we’ll throw in a .com, .org, .net, or .info domain registration free for the life of your hosting! See each package for restrictions.
    • Recognized Quality
    We are confident that our high-quality server hardware and our redundant network will never let you down. That’s why we offer a 99,9% uptime SLA to keep you covered.
    • Technical Experts

    At Bruno-host we are passionate about hosting. We strive to offer our clients the most amazing hosting experience, with our high-quality infrastructure and a friendly technical expert customer support.

    • Great Prices
    We aim to provide affordable website hosting packages without sacrificing on the features or qualities of our service. This means you do not have to pay extra for services that you do not use or require. Furthermore, you will save even more when you choose to prepay for your account in advance.


    “We always receive amazing support and our website loads super fast! With Bruno-Host we went from a 9sec website load time to 3sec and they helped us migrate our WordPress site for free.” – Brothers Pizza – Daniel Pribeag 

    “Highly recommended for their exceptional support and stability. You should definitely check them out.” – Marine Restauration – Mark Dean

    ” The service is excellent and always helpful. As our needs continue to grow I’m looking forward to our long-term partnership with Bruno-host” – Jake

    ” Thanks for your time, and I do want you guys to know, that of the several sites I have managed for people, yours is by far the least hassle company yet. I spend so much time having to troubleshoot and wonder why the site is down for heavenly hosting (as an example) that I can hardly enjoy it being up. However, with you guys, its been pretty much no chore at all, and I have been able to seamlessly enjoy the site even as you do upgrades.  Anyway, thanks for your time!”  – Corina

    “Thank you for your affordable web hosting services and quality. I have been very pleased and look forward to doing business with you for a long time to come. ” – Ximena

    ” I have been working on my web building skills for the better part of 10 years and have utilized a lot of web hosting companies. I have never been as impressed and excited as I was with both the incredibly good deal Bruno-host gave me but the affordable hosting service is top shelf all the way. Quick friendly responses to any questions I have.  I now host 4 sites with them. It literally blew me away the night I purchased my first one. It was 6:30 am when I submitted payment and was setup instantly! The control panel makes it incredibly easy to get yourself up and running. Extremely affordable, incredible service and reliability,  I’ll never need to look elsewhere. These guys mean business.” – Star Marketing LLC – Roxana 

    “WOW!  You really do have phenomenal service!  You continue to amaze me!  So many times I am VERY disappointed with customer service, but you and Bruno Host are the exceptions.  Thank-You, and keep up the great work!” – Kelly

    “Our web host was reorganizing and we needed to find a new home for our site quickly. Bruno Host was helpful, informative, and efficient, offering a great service at an affordable price… with a big dose of good old-fashioned courtesy thrown in for good measure. It’s nice to be able to deal with a business that still has real people in charge! We’re very happy with our site’s new home.” – Ramona

    “I selected Bruno Hosting because they met all the important parameters – same time zone for service issues, higher email size limits, and other parameters. From the very start including the intiial inquiry, Bruno team followed up timely and gave great information beyond direct answers. Since then, they have provided superior technical assistance. Everyone says they do, but Bruno Host really does — even on weekends.” – Amanda


    Anything you have to ask, before and after signing up, you can do it with this simple form. A Customer Support Specialist will answer and even call you as needed.

    Please answer a few questions so that we can have a base:

      All questions are mandatory, where you are undecided please write IDK, thanks!


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      If you can't send the results it means that you skipped something, please go back and fix it!





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